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A Just Change and Leap Club initiative.

An act of buying can rarely be so powerful

Due to the lockdown, 5000 jars of pure honey are lying unsold. The Kattunayakan honey gatherers of the Nilgiris need to immediately sell it to safeguard their livelihood.

You can help by buying it now and receiving it after lockdown. Your purchase will help:

Prevent income loss by 25-50%

By ensuring they continue to get the fair price they deserve.

Support their community enterprise

By providing them with the cash needed to keep the honey flowing.

Prevent them from debt trap

Money in their hands now means they won’t have to borrow on exploitative terms from middle-men.

You will fall for our honey

Pure forest honey from the Nilgiris
Unadulterated & chemical free Retains natural vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrientsNo preservatives & additives

Rs 550 per Jar (500 gms)Rs 3,625 per can (5 kgs)
Shipping charges are included.

Its not just us saying that

"I did manage to send honey to my family and they were keen on buying more. In my mother's words, "I have never tasted honey as good and pure as this one". She definitely wanted more. I would have gotten back sooner and then Corona hit us."

- Astha Agarwal, New Delhi

“The honey tasted awesome, we are happy that we got the purest variety. If possible we would like to take 1 more kg.”

- Usha Rani, Bangalore

Our story

To end the exploitation by traders, around 200 Kattunayakan adivasis in Tamil Nadu formed a collective enterprise, The Adivasi Thaen Kootam, to sell their forest honey. This brave move paid off over the years and now they earn 40% more than the current market rate.

Who are we?

This initiative is co-led by Just Change India Producer Company and Leap Club. You can read more about them below:

Adivasi Munnetra Sangam (AMS) is a community organisation of over 5,000 adivasi families. AMS, along with three other community groups, created Just Change India Producer Company (JCIPC) to help the adivasis market their honey and other products. Just Change was the brainchild of Stan and Mari Thekaekara. Now it is run and managed by a team of highly committed and professional young people. It has garnered support from community groups across the country.

Stan, activist, thinker and social entrepreneur has worked for over 40 years in the field of human rights and development. He has served as a trustee of Oxfam GB and was Visiting Fellow at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at the Said Business School, Oxford University.

Mari is an independent writer, who focuses on social issues in magazines and newspapers which include the Hindu, Economic and Political Weekly, The Wire as well as the New Internationalist and Guardian in the UK. She is also the author of “Endless Filth”, a book about safai karamcharis which triggered off a huge campaign within India to abolish manual scavenging work.

Leap Club is an online marketplace that helps consumers buy products directly from local organic collectives and farmers. We focus on food products and everyday essentials like flours, pulses, fruits and vegetables that are healthy, pesticide-free and sustainable.

We are currently live in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida and deliver within 48 hours during lockdown.

It is co-founded by Shubham Bansal and Divish Gupta, two IIT-Delhi alumni, to promote mindful consumption and connect conscious consumers and producers. You can read more about their work here - Business Today and Yourstory


Q1. What are community owned enterprises and why to support them?

As the name suggests, community-owned enterprises are owned and run by the communities themselves. They focus on the overall well-being of their people and the profits are shared instead of accumulating it at the top.

One of them is the Adivasi Thaen Kootam, formed by ~200 members of the Kattunayakan tribe to collectively sell their forest honey. It freed them from the clutches of exploitative middlemen and now they earn 40% more than the current market rate.

Q2. How are they being affected by the lockdown?

The lockdown forced the enterprise to shut leaving 2,500 kgs of pure honey unsold. This has created an unprecedented cash crunch. The new honey season will begin next month, so an immediate sale is absolutely necessary to keep the honey flowing and the business going.

Q3. What will be the economic impact on the adivasis if the honey is not procured by the collective?

The adivasis will have no choice but to sell their honey to local traders who will pay them a pittance for this priceless honey. They run the risk of losing upto half their present income. And worse, they will probably end up taking loans at exorbitant interest rates.

All the progress made over these years will be lost and the cycle of exploitation will start all over again.

Q4. What can I do to support them in these difficult times?

Very simply. Do what you always do - BUY! The only difference is that you pay upfront and trust that we will deliver as soon as the lockdown is lifted and things start getting back to normal.

Q5. Can I simply donate to support their community enterprise?

If you are donating from India:

Name of the Account - Just Change Trust
Account No. - 0024-00258497-190001
Name of the Bank – Catholic Syrian Bank Limited, Gudalur
Address – Vaishanavi Complex, PO Box 3, Calicut Road, Gudalur 643212 Nilgiris Dt., Tamil Nadu.
Telephone - 04262-261244

If you are donating from outside India:

Name of the Account - Just Change Trust
Account No. - 30810400493
Bank - State Bank of India, Gudalur - 643212, The Nilgiris, TN.
IFSC code - SBIN0001016
SWIFT Code - SBININBB (Head Office) SWIFT Code of State Bank of India (SBI)
Old swift code - SBININBB470

Q6. How will the donation be used?

Throughout the world, life has changed dramatically for every single one of us. But for the poorest and most vulnerable, like the Kattunayakans, there is no knowing what tomorrow will bring. Without work food itself is uncertain. This donation will ensure that no matter what, no family will go to bed hungry. It will act as a guarantee that all basic needs of the community will be fulfilled in these difficult times.

Q7. Why is this honey more expensive than the honey we get in the market?

Imagine this - A group of Kattunayakans venture into the forest braving tigers, elephants, leopards and bears. They go armed with nothing more than their belief that the forest is their home. They look for hives often high up on giant trees and deep down on sheer cliffs. Drawing on their ancient knowledge of bees and honey, they decide which hives are ready to harvest. They call upon their spirits to protect them and use the skills honed from childhood to scale these trees and cliffs. They risk their lives on every single honey gathering expedition.

All this to bring a little jar of honey to your table.

How do we put a price on this?
Their honey is literally priceless!

Q8. What is the variety of honey that will be supplied?

The honey called Kombu Thaen by the Kattunayakans is collected from the hives of the Giant Rock Bee (Apis Dorsata).

Q9. Do you have other varieties?

Yes, we have smaller quantities of Puttu Honey which is sourced from the mud hives of dwarf honey bees (Apis Florea).

Q10. What is the difference between the two types of honey?

Puttu honey is a bit sweeter than Kombu honey.

Q11. How do we know it is pure?

For the Kattunayakans honey gathering is a sacred way of life. To adulterate the honey is to invite the wrath of their spirits. Even their most cynical non tribal neighbours will tell you that adivasis have a reputation for being simple honest people who rarely lie, steal or cheat. But sadly, the corrupt ways of the "modern" world are making inroads into the adivasi world. Apart from ensuring better prices, the objective of the honey gatherers collective is to protect and preserve their traditional culture. Working as a community they ensure that their members do not stray from their ancient, ecologically respectful, sustainable practices. They certify that this honey is pure and we have no reason to doubt their word.

Q12. Can we buy larger quantities?

Yes, please send us a message with the quantities you require and we will call you.

Contact Person:Krishna Murthi
Ph no: +91 94439 32879

Contact Person: Muhaimin A
Ph no: +91 88916 70903

Q13. When can I expect to get the honey?

Here is the rub - we cannot promise a date - we don’t know when the lockdown will be lifted. We don’t know when transport and other logistics will kick in. But as soon as it is humanly possible, be assured the honey will be rushed to you.

Q14. Does this community have other products too?

Yes, please visit their website to buy other products from the Adivasi community.

Like honey, other products will also be delivered to you only once the lockdown is over.

Still got questions? Reach out to us!

Phone: 9891256494
Email: hi@leapclub.in

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Thank you

You are special. You have reached out in solidarity to support this ancient tribe and their traditional way of life. We hope your leap of faith makes this honey taste even sweeter! Rest assured, we will try to get it to you as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the progress we have been making and share the impact your contribution has had on the community.

We would love if you could help us spread the word!

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Phone: 9891256494
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